"Maybe the reason you don’t want to lose weight enough for the process to be simple is because you feel pressure to be thin, but not desire. Maybe, in other words, you kind of don’t care that much, really. You think you look pretty good, even if every magazine in the world says you’re a fat cow. Maybe you think, yeah, still. So the wiser section of your brain that would rather be learning Italian keeps throwing cupcakes at you while you panfry your block of soy protein in oil substitute.

Decisions are beautiful. They are evidence of thought and care. Decisions are the polishing cloths of life. There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in deciding you’d rather spend your life paying attention to something other than the weight of your physical body. There is no shame in deciding you look fine just as you are. Or even better than fine. There is no shame in deciding to just be fat.

Many clichés are true. “Real beauty comes from the inside” is absolutely one of them. But we hear it and go, “Yeah, so true,” and let it slide right past us, unexamined. You manufacture beauty with your mind. In exactly the same way certain short people are able to present themselves as tall, fooling everyone. I know somebody who rode on an elevator with Tom Cruise and said, “He was really short but also, he was incredibly tall.” This made perfect sense to me."

-Augusten Burroughs from 'This is How"

I am honestly sick and tired of seeing posts on Instagram, Facebook, Buzzfeed etc. on fat shaming and fat acceptance. Specifically on the subject of how we are ruining our society because there are people out there who would, GOD FORBID, want people to accept themselves and be beautiful and sexy NO MATTER THEIR SIZE. And yes, that includes HEALTH too. Yes, I am saying it is OK to be fat and unhealthy if that's what you are and you just don't give a shit about losing weight or ever really being healthy. Maybe you like to run a few times a week and maybe you'll have a protein shake and some fruit. And maybe you eat junk food the rest of the week so the fact is you will remain fat and not the healthiest. Or maybe you will be relatively healthy, because a lot of that shit has to do with genetics and not all to do with diet and exercise. I am not denying the benefits of diet and exercise. I am not in denial that there are a lot of happy healthy people that love to exercise and eat right and it's super rewarding to them. The fact is though, there are A LOT of people that would be much happier just being fat and focusing on other things like learning a new language, getting a degree or learning to draw. There are more important things than just worrying about the weight of your body, because there ARE fat people who can be mostly healthy if they get some exercise and eat some fruit once and awhile. Yes, if you're 600 pounds you will die and I am sure there are not many people that would be happy living that way. I'm specifically talking about just your average run of the mill fat person. None of you people give a SHIT about these people's well being and health. It is one thing to want someone to be healthier if they are on the verge of a heart attack from being so overweight, but if they truly are happy shortening their life to squeeze in extra pizza at night then let them. You have to let go. Yes, don't enable them if you don't want to feel guilty about contributing to their bad health, but dont judge them or label them gross, disgusting and pathetic. Most of you who get angry at fat acceptance do not get angry because you want them to be healthy and feel they are spreading misinformation that you can be obese and healthy. You are angry because you label them as weak and morally inept. So why is it so bad to be unhealthy? Or fat? I'm tired of it. Let people be fat and even unhealthy if they want. There are more important things to worry about for a lot of people. You just think they are disgusting because you hate yourself so much and judge yourself so harshly so when you see so called weakness in others you bully and ridicule them. Mind your business. They are NOT affecting your life. Stay inside if you don't want to see fat people because they are everywhere and they deserve to be happy, sexy and free from your bullying bullshit.



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