I would just like to ask the question why it makes people so angry when someone is unhealthy? And chooses to be. Like, what makes me upset is when fat and unhealthy people are called disgusting and pathetic. So if one makes a conscious decision that they'd rather focus on other things than be healthy, that makes them disgusting? Why can't someone just make a decision that they love food and like to eat a lot? Do you express the same amount of anger towards famous artists or musicians that "lived fast and died young"? Do you have enormous judgemental anger towards jimi hendrix because he was a "disgusting drug addict"? No, we worship people like that and idolize them for living the way they want. So why can't that include food and eating too much? Why can't someone choose to be fucking fat and unhealthy if it is worth it to them? I agree obesity should not be falsely called healthy. I agree we should all be very aware of how our weight affects our health. Then we all have the right to make that educated decision to do what we want with our lives. Our children are capable of not being victims and deciding for themselves. By me being fat and ok with it I'm not promoting anything I'm just living my life. You are just as triggered by fat acceptance as others are by fat shaming. We don't need to ignore the health risks of obesity. We DO need to mind our business from someone who wants to do something that's unhealthy. Do you protest smokers so angrily? Do you think smokers are disgusting awful people? Most people do not get triggered by a smoker. They, like I will always say, are only triggered by fat people. Not because they are so called promoting being unhealthy. It's simply because they find them physically ugly and need to find elegant and sophisticated ways to hate them while hiding their real motives. Don't use the money excuse for the reason you are angry. Healthy people cost MORE money in the long run with their long life spans and 24/7 care they need as they get older. Fat and unhealthy people barely ever go to the doctor and die early, so forget that excuse. Happiness? Guess what? Some people are happier being fat than being pressured to eat tofu and exercise every day. So you'd rather them be miserable and healthy. That's for YOU. That's selfish. Ok I'm done. Bring on the comments.



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