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Hello and welcome! This is my first post so I will keep it short. I am a guy with Borderline Personality Disorder and a host of other REALLLY interesting quirks to my personality ;) . I am a very sensitive guy who tries to act tough (and fails miserably) while being in a great and awesome relationship with my amazing girlfriend. I try to act like I'm not madly in love with her and play it cool, but she sees right through it- THANK GOD FOR THAT. I have been through drug overdoses, rehab stays, mental hospitals and everything in between. It's a miracle I am alive, but I am grateful for that, despite my many verbal tirades that life is such a god damn burden. It truly does have its wondrous qualities that I try to overlook, because hey, it seems easier in my head to think so black and white. My art shows my indecision and back and forth personalities, but it also shows beauty in all of it. I hope you enjoy my work and my story as you follow me through this wonderfully beautiful and mad life.



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