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What is an archival pigment print?

Also called giclees, these are digital reproductions of original artwork that were scanned or captured with a very high resolution in order to replicate every intricate detail. The image file is then printed from an inkjet printer capable of holding up to 12 ink cartridges. These professional grade printers produce a much wider range of colors to more accurately duplicate the original artwork. The ink used is also pigment based, rather than dye based. Pigment ink is lightfast, which means it has vastly superior color tone and lifespan, lasting up to 100-200 years. Pigment ink is also less likely to smear. The final aspect is the paper used. Archival quality paper is 100% cotton, acid-free, lignin-free, and pH buffered. This helps keep the paper its original color and texture, rather than yellowing and becoming brittle over time.