I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder and I survive with the love I have in my life. Art also helps too! The way BPD works is quite complicated, but my biggest obstacle is seeing the world in just black and white. I operate only in extremes and with my art I can do that successfully. The stark contrasts I create with thick black lines compartmentalizing everything soothes my brain. This does not work in the real world, so I cherish the moments I can put pen to paper. The value I put in this time is unmeasurable and why I use such a high class world renowned company (WhiteWall) to make my prints. These are luxury prints, make no mistake. They are a little pricey, but it's nothing compared to the value it all brings to my life, and hopefully to yours. I also stopped signing any of my work. I know that is absolutely blasphemous in the art world, but what I have learned most from my time here on earth, it is to do what feels right for you and nobody else. I have been told by psychiatrists I have "flavors" of OCD (whatever that means) and that definitely plays a role here. I cannot stand seeing a little scribble on my beautifully finished work of art- so I just don't do it. If you absolutely need a signature on your print, I can digitally sign it for you before it gets shipped out. Unfortunately I cannot do that by hand as my prints are shipped from WhiteWall in Germany. I do offer originals and can sign those by hand if you like.  I hope you can understand and accept me and most importantly, that you connect with some of my work. Enjoy! 

    P.S. Dogs are people