I have always been creating through drawing since I was a young child. Over the course of my life I shifted to more abstract work from my past interests in realism. Through my struggles dealing with mental illness, I had to adapt and utilize radical acceptance of the constant contradictions and opposites life always threw my way. By learning how to manage how the world overwhelms me I have found it therapeutic to let go ever so slightly to the tight grasp I had on what I wanted reality to look like. This abstract view of the world pushed my interest and fascination with putting these philosophical concepts to a canvas. When I create, nothing needs to make sense. There are no rules, no limitations and I can do whatever the hell I want. This is a liberating experience and helps inform my psychological life as well. You will see in my work both a drive to control, label and categorize into neat compartments mixed with the uncontained spontaneity and uncertainty that I struggle to accept. The result is a harmonious meeting of dichotomous constructs that don't need to be enemies when they meet. This is what I attempt to do every day of my life and it will always be a train I can never get off of. I hope you connect with it as much as I do.