Signed Originals are available by request. Please understand that some of them may be rougher and more worn than the printed reproductions that I sell, depending on how old the original is. I scan most of my art and then clean it up in Photoshop. Some originals are in perfect condition, while others may have anything from thumbtack holes from the scanning process to yellowing of the paper or bleeding of ink over time. This is due to the fact that in my early days of drawing, I was not using the proper archival materials necessary for long lasting artwork. Obviously that is no longer the case, so all new work I produce will last a lifetime. Please contact me and let me know which piece you would like and I will return to you with a raw image (uncleaned) of the selected art as well as a quote. You can then decide for yourself if you would still like the original with a signature or purchase the printed reproduction. Thanks again for stopping by.